La dissolution de la ‘Chambre Introuvable’ (5 septembre 1816): coup d'état de Louis XVIII?

  title={La dissolution de la ‘Chambre Introuvable’ (5 septembre 1816): coup d'{\'e}tat de Louis XVIII?},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Sofia Corciulo},
  journal={Parliaments, Estates and Representation},
  pages={167 - 175}
  • M. S. Corciulo
  • Published 1 January 2000
  • History
  • Parliaments, Estates and Representation
SUMMARY In this article Maria Sofia Corciulo discusses the dissolution of the recently elected ‘Chambre introuvable’ by Louis XVIII, following his second restoration in 1815. The king had been completely surprised by the outcome of the elections, which returned an ultra-royalist majority. This put severe pressure on the king and his ministers who were committed to moderate, conciliationist policies, in which they were supported and pressured by the representatives of the Allied powers. The…