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La civiltà dell'acqua in Ostia antica

  title={La civilt{\`a} dell'acqua in Ostia antica},
  author={Maria Antonietta Ricciardi and Valnea Santa Maria Scrinari},
Acoustics of Roman Ostia: Aural Architecture, Noise and Urban Space in the Second Century CE
This thesis introduces a methodology for the acoustic analysis of Roman urban space, through an in-depth study of Ostia Antica. The archaeological site of Ostia offers the opportunity to analyse theExpand
La gestión del agua en la ciudad romana de Lacipo (Casares, Málaga).
Lacipo is a small Roman town situated on a hill that overlooks the fluvial valley of Genal-Guadiaro, next to the Mediterranean coast, in the province of Baetica . In amongst the archaeologicalExpand
The Four Small Temples Area and the Domus of Apuleius
In Ostia, Rome's harbour-town, several parts of an inscription which reveals that the Emperor Vespasian promoted the town's water supply were found in 1983. Eventually references to the text began toExpand
Water Culture in Roman Society
Water played an important part of ancient Roman life, from providing necessary drinking water, supplying bath complexes, to flowing in large-scale public fountains. The Roman culture of water wasExpand
This paper examines the early columbaria of the Laurentina necropolis in Ostia, in particular Tomb E1, in light of modern architectural theories concerning human responses to and use of architecturalExpand
Alain Veyrac. Nîmes romaine et l’eau. Paris, CNRS Éditions, 2006, 424 p.
En attendant, celle-ci constitue une précieuse référence pour ceux qui s’intéressent à la gestion de l’espace fluvial dans d’autres villes romaines implantées au bord de cours d’eau mais pourExpand
Trace element variations in an archeological carbonate deposit from the antique city of Ostia: Environmental and archeological implications
High resolution laser ablation ICP-MS analyses are performed along the growth axis of an archaeological carbonate deposit from a water tower in the antique city of Ostia (Italy). Results show aExpand