La Comparution/The Compearance

  title={La Comparution/The Compearance},
  author={Jean Luc Nancy},
  journal={Political Theory},
  pages={371 - 398}
  • J. Nancy
  • Published 1992
  • Sociology
  • Political Theory
The "postmodem" has already come to closure; perhaps it never happened. More accurately, that which this term may have described or reflected (not without a certain degree of accuracy) appears to have been only the brief and inverted appearance of another occurrence. The "postmodern" defined itself as a strained relationship, with a mixture of anguish and gaiety, a relationship to a general unpresentation (impresentation) such that neither sense nor truth nor a foundation could any longer be… Expand
Senses of Relation: ‘Literary Communism’, Democracy, and the Common
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Postscript: Communist Subjectivity and the Politics of Collectiversalism
  • Thomas Telios
  • Sociology
  • The Russian Revolution as Ideal and Practice
  • 2019
This article begins by acknowledging the legacy of both the French and the Russian Revolution in establishing collectivity as the core element of revolutionary process par excellence. NeverthelessExpand
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Communities in Question: Sociality and Solidarity in Nancy and Blanchot
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