LYPD4, mouse homolog of a human acrosome protein, is essential for sperm fertilizing ability and male fertility†

  title={LYPD4, mouse homolog of a human acrosome protein, is essential for sperm fertilizing ability and male fertility†},
  author={Dan Wang and Liping Cheng and Wenjuan Xia and X. Liu and Yue-shuai Guo and Xiaoyu Yang and X. Guo and E. Xu},
  journal={Biology of Reproduction},
  pages={1033 - 1044}
Abstract Fertilization is one of the fundamental biological processes, but so far, we still do not have a full understanding of the underlying molecular mechanism. We have identified a human acrosome protein, LY6/PLAUR domain containing 4 (LYPD4), expressed specifically in human testes and sperm, and conserved within mammals. Mouse Lypd4, also specific to the testis and sperm, is essential for male fertility. LYPD4 protein first appeared in round spermatids during acrosome biogenesis and became… Expand
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