LXXVI. On the thermal effects experienced by air in rushing through small apertures

  title={LXXVI. On the thermal effects experienced by air in rushing through small apertures},
  author={James Prescott Joule and William Thomson},
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Experimental Investigation of Factors Influencing the Determination of the Onset of Yielding by Temperature Measurement
The cooling of the material during elastic tensile loading is well known as the thermoelastic effect. It is already known that the temperature minimum at the elastic-plastic transition can be used
Method of successive approximation and its application in chemistry
Successive approximation, a method of solving mathematical problems by means of sequence of approximation that converges to the solution, has been reviewed with the convergence criteria. This method
Modulation of silica layer properties by varying the granulometric state of tetraethyl orthosilicate precursor aerosols during combustion chemical vapor deposition (CCVD)
Abstract For the purpose of silica surface layer modulation, a pneumatic-controlled two-substance atomizer with inertia-based coarse droplet separation was operated at different system pressures for
Comparison of Cloud Droplet Number Concentrations derived from Remote Sensing Observations and Köhler Theory based Activation Parameterizations
In the present research, the activation parameterization method introduced by Nenes and Seinfeld (2003) was compared and evaluated to a remote sensing-based method by Rusli, Donovan & Russchenberg