LXII Presbycusis Study of a Relatively Noise-Free Population in the Sudan

  title={LXII Presbycusis Study of a Relatively Noise-Free Population in the Sudan},
  author={Samuel Rosen and Moe Bergman and Dietrich Plester and Aly El-Mofty and Mohamed Hamad Satti},
  journal={Annals of Otology, Rhinology \& Laryngology},
  pages={727 - 743}
The purpose of this research was to study the hearing of a noisefree population in order to assess more accurately the effect of aging on hearing. One difficulty, among others, common to previous studies of hearing loss in aging is the exposure of their subjects to noises of modern civilization. Glorig and Nixon! stated: "Before we can really determine the threshold changes found in presbycusis we must measure hearing as a function of age in a population whose environment does not include the… 

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The recent studies of Rosen and his colleagues* on the Mabaan tribe in the Sudan suggest tha t the presbyacusis curves which had previously been determined by a variety of investigators*® may no t

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Investigation of hearing levels in war veterans found that the threshold levels at both 1 000 and 4 000 Hz had increased by approximately the amounts predicted by presbyacusis curves, in spite of the hearing losses at 4 000Hz.

Population studies concerned with presbyacusis

Some population studies that the author has conducted to investigate changes in hearing level with increasing age are described, finding the average male thresholds to be poorer than those for the females.

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A study of 111 patients of presbyacusis revealed an earlier onset of hearing impairment in our country, as compared to the occident, probably due to poor nutrition. There was a higher incidence of

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Hearing sensitivity was found to deteriorate with age in both females and males, particularly at the higher frequencies (2, 4, and 8 kHz), and hearing impairments similar to that seen in modern industrial societies were found.

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NITTS of the otological by normal young adults was measured under the following conditions in order to obtain the data with which one can predict the occurrence of NITTS in a subject.Method: The

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The results have been reported in various professional journals and in publications for the layman and recent references to these data were made by Rosen and Olin in a paper which suggested the possibility of relating hearing loss to coronary heart disease.

Absolute thresholds of human hearing.

Data obtained from high school students indicate that distributions of hearing thresholds determined by puretone audiometry are log-normal, and this method is applicable to other measurements and is especially useful when the physical parameter is relative rather than absolute, as with sound measured in decibels.

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A two-phase linear regression model was fitted to the sets of data which showed the relationships between the magnitude of acoustic reflex (AR) and bandwidth of RAS, and may be a useful tool for estimating the critical bandwidth in AR.

Calculatuon and assessment noise induced hearing loss excess risk in group of population

The developed technology allows us to calculate the probable hearing thresholds of the quantile of the population exposed to and unaff ected by noise and the magnitude of the group excess risk.



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Our search for valid audiometric data to study the relations of hearing loss to noise exposure has led us into many places. The multi­ plicity of relations predicates a broad coverage of the various

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A hearing test for musical tones formed part of the Bell System exhibit at the New York and San Francisco Fairs, and the test records obtained have made possible a study of the hearing of a large

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A phonographically recorded test of the ability to hear pure tones was given to 3666 people at the San Diego County Fair in the summer of 1948. Absolute thresholds were determined at five frequencies


For several years an attempt has been made at the Otological Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University to correlate losses in hearing and defects shown histologically in the conductive and


This study is based on the record of risks accepted at standard rates by the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York for the years 1907 to 1919, inclusive, and finds that since 1915 nearly all of them have been taken by auscultation.

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Forschungsreise in das Land der Praniloten im Sudost Sudan . Zschr . f

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