LTRPC7 is a Mg·ATP-regulated divalent cation channel required for cell viability

  title={LTRPC7 is a Mg·ATP-regulated divalent cation channel required for cell viability},
  author={Monica J. S. Nadler and Meredith C. Hermosura and Kazunori Inabe and Anne-Laure L Perraud and Qiqin Zhu and Alexander J Stokes and Tomohiro Kurosaki and Jean-pierre Kinet and Reinhold Penner and Andrew M Scharenberg and Andrea Fleig},
The molecular mechanisms that regulate basal or background entry of divalent cations into mammalian cells are poorly understood. Here we describe the cloning and functional characterization of a Ca2+- and Mg2+-permeable divalent cation channel, LTRPC7 (nomenclature compatible with that proposed in ref. 1), a new member of the LTRPC family of putative ion channels. Targeted deletion of LTRPC7 in DT-40 B cells was lethal, indicating that LTRPC7 has a fundamental and nonredundant role in cellular… CONTINUE READING
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