LTE uplink delay constraints for smart grid applications


LTE cell planning requires special constraints in case of smart grid applications. Cell planners decide about the cell coverage mostly based on worst radio conditions (cell edge) acceptable level of minimum throughput, but not on delay constraints which are of extreme importance for smart grid solutions. In this paper a semi-analytical approach for uplink cell planning with delay constraints for smart grid applications is proposed, using theoretical outputs from analytical mathematical models combined with real measurements from drive test.

DOI: 10.1109/CAMAD.2014.7033216

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@article{Louvros2014LTEUD, title={LTE uplink delay constraints for smart grid applications}, author={Spiros Louvros and Michalis Paraskevas and Vassilis Triantafillou and Agamemnon Baltagiannis}, journal={2014 IEEE 19th International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD)}, year={2014}, pages={110-114} }