LTE - Advanced Uplink Scheduling


LTE Advanced is expected to reach peak data rates of 1Gbps/500Mbps (UL/DL) against 100/50Mbps for LTE, and it will do so mainly by using a technique called carrier Aggregation. In LTE bandwidths of about 20MHz can be used however LTE Advanced's carrier Aggregation groups consecutive normal LTE bandwidths from larger ones of up to 100MHz .Other techniques include both uplink and downlink transmissions to neighbouring base stations simultaneously. The introduction of these techniques means that current results obtained from the simulation of scheduling algorithms for LTE will not apply for LTE Advanced. This means that new and intelligent packet scheduling Algorithms which take into account new many more factors e.g. new types of interference will need to be developed. For instance the contiguity constraint imposed on LTE uplink is no longer present, which makes some current uplink algorithms irrelevant. Index Terms — LTE, Uplink, Carrier Aggregation

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