LTE 1 promotes exit from mitosis by multiple mechanisms

  title={LTE 1 promotes exit from mitosis by multiple mechanisms},
  author={Jill E. Falka and Ian W. Campbella and Kelsey Joyceb and Jenna Whalenb and Anupama Seshanb and Angelika Amona},
  • Jill E. Falka, Ian W. Campbella, +3 authors Angelika Amona
  • Published 2016
In budding yeast, alignment of the anaphase spindle along the mother–bud axis is crucial for maintaining genome integrity. If the anaphase spindle becomes misaligned in the mother cell compartment, cells arrest in anaphase because the mitotic exit network (MEN), an essential Ras-like GTPase signaling cascade, is inhibited by the spindle position checkpoint (SPoC). Distinct localization patterns of MEN and SPoC components mediate MEN inhibition. Most components of the MEN localize to spindle… CONTINUE READING