LS-VisionDraughts: improving the performance of an agent for checkers by integrating computational intelligence, reinforcement learning and a powerful search method

  title={LS-VisionDraughts: improving the performance of an agent for checkers by integrating computational intelligence, reinforcement learning and a powerful search method},
  author={Henrique Castro Neto and Rita Maria Silva Julia and Gutierrez Soares Caexeta and Ayres Roberto Ara{\'u}jo Barcelos},
  journal={Applied Intelligence},
  pages={525 - 550}
This paper presents LS-VisionDraughts: an efficient unsupervised evolutionary learning system for Checkers whose contribution is to automate the process of selecting an appropriate representation for the board states – by means of Evolutionary Computation – keeping a deep look-ahead (search depth) at the moment of choosing an adequate move. It corresponds to a player Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network whose weights are updated through an evaluation function that is automatically adjusted by… 

Improving the Accuracy of the Cases in the Automatic Case Elicitation-Based Hybrid Agents for Checkers

  • H. C. NetoR. JuliaV. Duarte
  • Computer Science
    2015 IEEE 27th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI)
  • 2015
The authors propose two alternative strategies to calculate the rating of the cases generated in ACE-RL-Checkers in such a way as to improve future performance and confirm the improvement in the accuracy of the Cases generated by the proposed strategies and their consequent performance in relation to the original strategy.

ACE-RL-Checkers: Improving automatic case elicitation through knowledge obtained by reinforcement learning in player agents

The authors present the ACE-RL-Checkers player agent, a hybrid system that combines the best abilities from the automatic Checkers players CHEBR and LS-VisionDraughts and gains in terms of performance as well as adaptability in its decision-making — choosing moves based on the current game dynamics.

A multiagent player system composed by expert agents in specific game stages operating in high performance environment

The results show that D-MA-Draughts improves upon its predecessors by significantly reducing training time and the endgame loops, thus beating them in several tournaments.

APHID-Draughts: Comparing the Synchronous and Asynchronous Parallelism Approaches for the Alpha-Beta Algorithm Applied to Checkers

Comparisons between unsupervised player agents operating according to one of the following alpha-beta parallelism approaches: asynchronous or synchronous confirm the theoretically expected assumption that asynchronous approaches are more suitable for operating in distributed memory architectures than those of a synchronous nature.

ACE-RL-Checkers: decision-making adaptability through integration of automatic case elicitation, reinforcement learning, and sequential pattern mining

This study proposes an automatic Checkers player equipped with a dynamic decision-making module, which adapts to the profile of the opponent over the course of the game, and proposes a new module based on sequential pattern mining for generating a base of experience rules extracted from human expert's game records.

A Survey of Planning and Learning in Games

This paper presents a survey of the multiple methodologies proposed to integrate planning and learning in the context of games, both in terms of their theoretical foundations and applications and also presents learning and planning techniques commonly used in games.

Improving NetFeatureMap-Based Representation through Frequent Pattern Mining in a Specialized Database

  • V. DuarteR. Julia
  • Computer Science
    2016 IEEE 28th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI)
  • 2016
The main contribution of this paper is to propose a new approach that automatically selects appropriate features based on the frequency at which they occur in the states explored by the agent in the course of its acting over the environment based on Frequent Pattern Mining.

Improving the State Space Representation through Association Rules

  • V. DuarteR. Julia
  • Economics
    2016 15th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA)
  • 2016
This paper proposes a new approach, based on Association Rules, that automatically selects features of the NetFeatureMap that are inherent to the environment where the agent actuates, and utilizes the domain of Checkers player agents as their study laboratory.

Proposal of an automatic tool for evaluating the quality of decision-making on Checkers player agents

The proposed tool provides a statistical way of automatically comparing the coincidence rates between the decision making of the evaluated agents with those that the remarkable player agent Cake would do in the same situations.

Turn-Based War Chess Model and Its Search Algorithm per Turn

A theory frame involving combinational optimization on the one hand and game tree search on the other hand is proposed and it is proved that both of these algorithms are optimal, and the difference between their efficiencies is analyzed.