LRP8-Reelin-Regulated Neuronal Enhancer Signature Underlying Learning and Memory Formation

  title={LRP8-Reelin-Regulated Neuronal Enhancer Signature Underlying Learning and Memory Formation},
  author={Francesca Telese and Qi Ma and Patricia P{\'e}rez and Dimple Notani and Soohwan Oh and Wenbo Li and Davide Comoletti and Kenneth A. Ohgi and Havilah Taylor and Michael G. Rosenfeld},
One of the exceptional properties of the brain is its ability to acquire new knowledge through learning and to store that information through memory. The epigenetic mechanisms linking changes in neuronal transcriptional programs to behavioral plasticity remain largely unknown. Here, we identify the epigenetic signature of the neuronal enhancers required for transcriptional regulation of synaptic plasticity genes during memory formation, linking this to Reelin signaling. The binding of Reelin to… CONTINUE READING
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