LOS discovery for highly directional full duplex RF/FSO transceivers

  title={LOS discovery for highly directional full duplex RF/FSO transceivers},
  author={Suman Bhunia and Mahmudur Khan and Shamik Sengupta and Murat Yuksel},
  journal={MILCOM 2016 - 2016 IEEE Military Communications Conference},
Full duplex directional Radio Frequency (RF) / Free-Space-Optical (FSO) transceivers are envisioned to play a great role in future generation wireless networks. They provide benefits in terms of better throughput, enhanced spectrum utilization and lower interference from unwanted sources. However, the stringent requirement of line-of-sight (LOS) communication makes it tough for a mobile node to maintain a link without a-priori information about its neighbor's position. Hence, neighbor discovery… CONTINUE READING