author={Soeren Koester},
  journal={Reviews in Mathematical Physics},
  • Soeren Koester
  • Published 24 March 2003
  • Mathematics
  • Reviews in Mathematical Physics
The local algebras of the maximal Coset model ${\mathcal C}_{\max}$ associated with a chiral conformal subtheory ${\mathcal A}\subset {\mathcal B}$ are shown to coincide with the local relative commutants of ${\mathcal A}$ in ℬ, provided ${\mathcal A}$ possesses a stress-energy tensor. Making the same assumption, the adjoint action of the unique inner-implementing representation $U^{\mathcal A}$ associated with ${\mathcal A}\subset {\mathcal B}$ on the local observables in ℬ is found to define… 

Quantum Operations On Conformal Nets

On a conformal net $\mathcal{A}$, one can consider collections of unital completely positive maps on each local algebra $\mathcal{A}(I)$, subject to natural compatibility, vacuum preserving and

Structure of Coset Models

We study inclusions of local, chiral, conformal quantum theories C which are contained in an ambient theory B and commute with another given subtheory A. These subtheories C are called Coset models.

Topological Sectors and a Dichotomy in Conformal Field Theory

Let be a local conformal net of factors on S1 with the split property. We provide a topological construction of soliton representations of the n-fold tensor product that restrict to true

Classification of Subsystems for Graded-Local Nets with Trivial Superselection Structure

We classify Haag-dual Poincaré covariant subsystems of a graded-local net on 4D Minkowski spacetime which satisfies standard assumptions and has trivial superselection structure. The result applies

On the Uniqueness of Diffeomorphism Symmetry in Conformal Field Theory

A Möbius covariant net of von Neumann algebras on S1 is diffeomorphism covariant if its Möbius symmetry extends to diffeomorphism symmetry. We prove that in case the net is either a Virasoro net or

Classification of Two-Dimensional Local Conformal Nets with c < 1 and 2-Cohomology Vanishing for Tensor Categories

We classify two-dimensional local conformal nets with parity symmetry and central charge less than 1, up to isomorphism. The maximal ones are in a bijective correspondence with the pairs of A-D-E

Classification of operator algebraic conformal field theories

We give an exposition on the current status of classification of operator algebraic conformal field theories. We explain roles of complete rationality and alpha-induction for nets of subfactors in

Conformal Covariance Subalgebras

We give a direct Lie algebraic characterisation of conformal inclusions of chiral current algebras associated with compact, reductive Lie algebras. We use quantum field theoretic arguments and prove

Mirror Extensions of Local Nets

In this paper we prove a general theorem on the extensions of local nets which was inspired by recent examples of exotic extensions for Virasoro nets with central charge less than one and earlier

Conformal covariance and related properties of chiral QFT

This PhD thesis focuses on local conformal nets of von Neumann algebras on the circle. For a more detailed description of its content and of the results published within, see its preface.

Conformal Transformations as Observables

AbstractC denotes either the conformal group in 3 + 1 dimensions, PSO(4, 2), or in one chiral dimension, PSL(2, $${\mathbb{R}}$$ ). Let U be a unitary, strongly continuous representation of C


A subtheory of a quantum field theory specifies von Neumann subalgebras $\mathcal{A(O)}$ (the ‘observables’ in the space-time region ${\mathcal O}$) of the von Neumann algebras $\mathcal{B(O)}$ (the

Global conformal invariance in quantum field theory

AbstractSuppose that there is given a Wightman quantum field theory (QFT) whose Euclidean Green functions are invariant under the Euclidean conformal group⋍SOe(5,1). We show that its Hilbert space of

Structure of Coset Models

We study inclusions of local, chiral, conformal quantum theories C which are contained in an ambient theory B and commute with another given subtheory A. These subtheories C are called Coset models.

Extensions of Conformal Nets¶and Superselection Structures

Abstract:Starting with a conformal Quantum Field Theory on the real line, we show that the dual net is still conformal with respect to a new representation of the Möbius group. We infer from this

Conformal quantum field theory: From Haag-Kastler nets to Wightman fields

Starting from a chiral conformal Haag-Kastler net of local observables on two-dimensional Minkowski space-time, we construct associated pointlike localizable charged fields which intertwine between

Multi-Interval Subfactors and Modularity¶of Representations in Conformal Field Theory

Abstract: We describe the structure of the inclusions of factors ?(E)⊂?(E′)′ associated with multi-intervals E⊂ℝ for a local irreducible net ? of von Neumann algebras on the real line satisfying the

Conformal Subnets and Intermediate Subfactors

Abstract: Given an irreducible local conformal net 𝒜 of von Neumann algebras on S1 and a finite-index conformal subnet ℬ⊂𝒜, we show that 𝒜 is completely rational iff ℬ is completely rational. In

Modular structure and duality in conformal quantum field theory

Making use of a recent result of Borchers, an algebraic version of the Bisognano-Wichmann theorem is given for conformal quantum field theories, i.e. the Tomita-Takesaki modular group associated with

Fusion of Positive Energy Representations of LSpin(2n)

Building upon the Jones-Wassermann program of studying Conformal Field Theory using operator algebraic tools, and the work of A. Wassermann on the loop group of LSU(n) (Invent. Math. 133 (1998),