LISS PLT: design, mechanical and biomechanical characteristics.

  title={LISS PLT: design, mechanical and biomechanical characteristics.},
  author={Thomas G{\"o}sling and Andre Frenk and Andreas Appenzeller and Rajeev Garapati and Anne Marti and Christian Krettek},
  volume={34 Suppl 1},
Following the development of the Less Invasive Sabilization System for Distal Femur a similar system for proximal tibia fractures (LISS PLT) was designed. Anatomical studies were carried out to define the shape of the plate and the position and orientation of the screws. Standard mechanical tests were performed to ensure that the LISS PLT fixation provides similar fatigue resistance to that of conventional plates. Finally, cadaver tibia pairs were used to compare the biomechanical performance… CONTINUE READING
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