author={Taewoo Kim},
  journal={Critical Asian Studies},
  pages={467 - 492}
  • Taewoo Kim
  • Published 21 August 2012
  • Political Science
  • Critical Asian Studies
In the early days of the Korean War, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) had a policy of precision bombing military targets only. Policy-makers in Washington, D.C., formulated this policy to ensure the protection of Korean civilians and to increase the effectiveness of their air operations. Senior USAF officers in Korea, however, were unhappy about the limitations placed on them by Washington. In their strategic air operations against targets in North Korea USAF officers followed Washington's precision… 
The Korean War and the environment
ABSTRACT This paper studies the Korean War from an environmental perspective. The paper examines the political background that aggravated environmental damage and the ways in which hydro-warfare,
Speaking from ground zero: the bombing of North Korea in 1950
ABSTRACT This article examines the ways in which North Koreans experienced and documented the American bombing campaign during the 1950–1953 Korean War. This bombing killed more than twenty percent
Overturned Time and Space: Drastic Changes in the Daily Lives of North Koreans during the Korean War
This article analyzes the overturning of time and space in the daily lives of North Koreans during the Korean War. The overturning was caused by the aerial bombings by the United States Air Force
Hassling: How States Prevent a Preventive War
Low-level military operations outside of war are pervasive in the international system. These activities have been viewed as destabilizing by both academics and policymakers, as miscalculations or
The Unending Korean War in Film: From The Bridges at Toko-Ri to Welcome to Dongmakgol
  • J. Eperjesi
  • Political Science
    Journal of American Studies
  • 2017
Korean War films from the US and South Korea provide one cultural site through which scholar–teachers working in American studies, and the humanities in general, can intervene in the unending Korean
All too often narrowly focused on the issue of perceived North Korean abuses, human rights on the Korean peninsula should rather be understood against the militarized legacies of national division, a
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In the early months of the Korean War, close air support provided by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) fighter-bombers in the front-line areas significantly delayed the advance of the North Korean Army. This
The Korean War
Despite the American tendency to bypass it, the Korean War from 1950 to 1953 was a watershed in American history. It was in Korea, for the first time, that the United States committed its armed
Officers in Flight Suits: The Story of American Air Force Fighter Pilots in the Korean War
The United States Air Force fought as a truly independent service for the first time during the Korean War. Ruling the skies in many celebrated aerial battles, even against the advanced Soviet
The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War
Up until now, the Korean War has been the black hole of modern American history. "The Coldest Winter" changes that, giving readers a masterful narrative of the political decisions and miscalculations
LeMay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay
Kozak's biography of U.S. Air Force General Curtis E. LeMay (1906--1990) won't convert those utterly convinced that he was a bomb-happy maniac. The more open-minded, however, will find in it a
America in the World: The Historiography Of American Foreign Relations Since 1941
Part I. The State of the Art: 1. State of the Art: An Introduction Michael J. Hogan 2. 'Revising postrevisionism', or, the poverty of theory in diplomatic history Bruce Cumings 3. New approaches, old
The foreign relations of the United States
The Foreign Relations of the United States series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. The series, produced
Primary Sources
In 1798, Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, which gave the president the power to deport or imprison undesirable noncitizens, and which made "any false, scandalous, and malicious" criticism
Korea: The Unknown War
First published in conjunction with Thames Televisions' six-part TV series, this is an illustrated account of the Korean War.
North Korea: Another Country
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