LHCb trigger streams optimization

  title={LHCb trigger streams optimization},
  author={Denis Derkach and Nikita Kazeev and R. Neychev and A. Panin and Ilya Trofimov and Andrey Ustyuzhanin and M. Vesterinen},
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The LHCb experiment stores around 1011 collision events per year. A typical physics analysis deals with a final sample of up to 107 events. Event preselection algorithms (lines) are used for data reduction. Since the data are stored in a format that requires sequential access, the lines are grouped into several output file streams, in order to increase the efficiency of user analysis jobs that read these data. The scheme efficiency heavily depends on the stream composition. By putting similar… 

New physics implications and searches at LHCb

The Standard Model of Particle Physics (henceforth, SM) is a very successful theory. Nevertheless, it fails to explain some important questions present in nature. Therefore, a new model beyond the SM

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The LHCb trigger and its performance in 2011

The LHCb trigger and its performance based on data taken at the LHC in 2011 is presented. LHCb is designed to perform flavour physics measurements, and its trigger distinguishes charm and beauty

Theano: A Python framework for fast computation of mathematical expressions

The performance of Theano is compared against Torch7 and TensorFlow on several machine learning models and recently-introduced functionalities and improvements are discussed.

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Scikit-learn: Machine Learning in Python

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Journal of Machine Learning Research

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