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Recent Estimates of Ring-Tailed Lemur (Lemur catta) Population Declines are Methodologically Flawed and Misleading

Conserving and managing threatened species requires accurate population estimates. Recently, LaFleur et al. (2017) and Gould and Sauther (2016) attempted to estimate the size of the extant population

Notes on the diet of the Barn Owl (Aves: Tytonidae: Tyto alba) from Zohin’Andavaka, Beahitse, extreme southwestern Madagascar

This is a region that little data is available on local small mammal communities and the food remains provide interesting insights in this regard, and a quantified information has been available on the food habits of this raptor from southwestern inland areas of the spiny bush away from riverine habitats.

Three new species of Grosphus Simon 1880, (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Madagascar; possible vicariant cases within the Grosphus bistriatus group of species

A revised redescription is proposed for Grosphus bistriatus Kraepelin 1900. Three new species, associated with both G. bistriatus and G. ankarafantsika Lourenco 2003 are described. Some comments on

The impact of natural resource use on bird and reptile communities within multiple-use protected areas: evidence from sub-arid Southern Madagascar

Multiple-use protected areas, in which sustainable levels of extractive livelihood activities are permitted, play an increasingly important role in the global protected area estate, and are expected

Extending ecological niche models to the past 120 000 years corroborates the lack of strong phylogeographic structure in the Crested Drongo (Dicrurus forficatus forficatus) on Madagascar

The palaeoclimatic distribution models suggest the presence of extensive areas of suitable climate in the east and west for the Crested Drongo species since its colonization of Madagascar, a result in strong concordance with the spatial and genetic signal derived from the multilocus data set.

L'évolution spatiale de la forêt relictuelle d'Anjozorobe – Angavo (Hautes Terres centrales de Madagascar)

La foret d’Anjozorobe, formation de transition en limite des Hautes Terres malgaches et du versant oriental dans le corridor forestier dit d’Anjozorobe – Angavo, est une foret relictuelle presentant