LEF1 is a critical epithelial survival factor during tooth morphogenesis.

  title={LEF1 is a critical epithelial survival factor during tooth morphogenesis.},
  author={Tomoyo Sasaki and Yoshihiro Ito and Xun Xu and Jun Ji Han and Pablo O Bringas and Takeyasu Maeda and Harold C. Slavkin and Rudolf Grosschedl and Yang Chai},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={278 1},
LEF1 is a cell-type-specific transcription factor and mediates Wnt signaling pathway by association with its co-activator beta-catenin. Wnt signaling is known to be critical for the specification of cranial neural crest (CNC) cells and may regulate the fate diversity of the CNC during craniofacial morphogenesis. Loss of Lef1 results in arrested tooth development at the late bud stage and LEF1 is required for a relay of a Wnt signaling to a cascade of FGF signaling activities to mediate the… CONTINUE READING
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