LED Display Screen Design and Proteus Simulation Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer

  title={LED Display Screen Design and Proteus Simulation Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer},
  author={Yanchuang Ding and Jinying Guo},
  journal={2010 2nd International Conference on Information Engineering and Computer Science},
  • Yanchuang Ding, Jinying Guo
  • Published 30 December 2010
  • Computer Science
  • 2010 2nd International Conference on Information Engineering and Computer Science
This paper designs a LED display system controlled by AT89C52 MCU (Microcomputer Controller Unit). The AT89C52 controls the external circuit formed by 74HC154 and 74HC595 in order to display characters, Chinese characters and figures. DS1302 is used to control the real time display. Language C is applied to compile program in Keil uVision3 programming environment. The display system is simulated through Proteus software. In Proteus environment, the schematic diagram is drawn. Through… 

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