LC-MS/MS detection of peroxynitrite-derived 3-nitrotyrosine in rat microvessels.

  title={LC-MS/MS detection of peroxynitrite-derived 3-nitrotyrosine in rat microvessels.},
  author={John S. Althaus and Kathrin R Schmidt and Scott T Fountain and Michael T. Tseng and Richard T. Carroll and Paul Galatsis and Edward D. Hall},
  journal={Free radical biology & medicine},
  volume={29 11},
3-Nitrotyrosine (3NT) is used as a biomarker of nitrative pathology caused by peroxynitrite (PN), myeloperoxidase (MPO)-, and/or eosinophil peroxidase (EPO)-dependent nitrite oxidation. 3NT measurements in biological materials are usually based on either antibody staining, HPLC detection, or GC detection methodologies. In this report, a procedure is described for the measurement of 3NT and tyrosine (TYR) by LC-MS/MS that is simple, direct, and sensitive. Though highly specialized in its use as… CONTINUE READING


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