LAT-1 expression in pre- and post-implantation embryos and placenta.

  title={LAT-1 expression in pre- and post-implantation embryos and placenta.},
  author={Michal Chrostowski and Bethany G. McGonnigal and Joan P Stabila and James Padbury},
  volume={30 3},
OBJECTIVES LAT-1 (L-type amino acid transporter 1) is a system L, Na(+)-independent amino acid transporter responsible for transport of large neutral amino acids. Dysregulated expression of LAT-1 is characteristic of many primary human cancers and is related to tumor invasion. Primary rat hepatocytes in culture increase LAT-1 mRNA in response to amino acid depletion. Transformed hepatic cell lines demonstrate constitutive expression of LAT-1. These observations suggest that LAT-1 expression… CONTINUE READING


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