LAPACK++: A design overview of object-oriented extensions for high performance linear algebra

  title={LAPACK++: A design overview of object-oriented extensions for high performance linear algebra},
  author={J. Dongarra and R. Pozo and D. Walker},
  journal={Supercomputing '93. Proceedings},
LAPACK++ is an object-oriented C++ extension of the LAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage) library for solving the common problems of numerical linear algebra: linear systems, linear least squares, and eigenvalue problems on high-performance computer architectures. The advantages of an object-oriented approach include the ability to encapsulate various matrix representations, hide their implementation details, reduce the number of subroutines, simplify their calling sequences, and provide an… Expand
VLADYMIR--a C++ matrix library for data-parallel applications
The aim of the paper is to introduce the matrix library as a conceptually easy and powerful development tool for scientific programmers, in particular in the field of cellular automata or lattice Boltzmann computations. Expand
An implicitly parallel object-oriented matrix library and its application to medical physics
  • Jonas Lätt, B. Chopard
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium
  • 2003
An application to emboli detection in medical physics is presented and VLADYMIR, a matrix library that permits the development of array-based code in C++ is introduced, which shows up an excellent scalability, even on large parallel machines. Expand
Towards an Object Oriented DistributedMatrix Computation
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