LAIT-XPERT VACHES: an expert system for dairy herd management.

  title={LAIT-XPERT VACHES: an expert system for dairy herd management.},
  author={Doris Pellerin and R Levallois and Gilles St-Laurent and J. P. Perrier},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={77 8},
An expert system called LAIT-XPERT VACHES, developed to evaluate technical management of dairy enterprises, was tested using case data. The expertise of the system was provided from information obtained from interviews of three dairy management or nutrition experts. LAIT-XPERT VACHES contains over 950 rules and runs on IBM-compatible personal computers. It calculates objectives in milk production, fat and protein production, feeding cost, reproduction, and other areas. In addition, it detects… CONTINUE READING


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