LADUMA: Discovery of a luminous OH megamaser at $z>0.5$

  title={LADUMA: Discovery of a luminous OH megamaser at \$z>0.5\$},
  author={Marcin Glowacki and Jordan D. Collier and Amir Kazemi-Moridani and Bradley Frank and Hayley Roberts and Jeremy Darling and H-R. Klockner and Nathan J Adams and Andrew J. Baker and Matthew A. Bershady and Tariq Blecher and S Blyth and Rebecca A A Bowler and Barbara Catinella and Laurent Chemin and Steven M. Crawford and Catherine M. Cress and Romeel Dav'e and Roger Deane and Erwin de Blok and Jacinta Delhaize and Kenneth J. Duncan and Ed Elson and Sean February and Eric Gawiser and Peter W Hatfield and Julia Healy and Patricia A. Henning and Kelley M. Hess and Ian Heywood and Benne W. Holwerda and Munira Hoosain and John P. Hughes and Zackary L. Hutchens and Matt J. Jarvis and Sheila J. Kannappan and Neal Katz and Duvsan Kerevs and Marie Korsaga and Ren{\'e}e C. Kraan-Korteweg and Philip Lah and Michelle Lochner and Natasha Maddox and Sphesihle Makhathini and Gerhardt R. Meurer and Martin J. Meyer and Danail Obreschkow and Se-Heon Oh and Tom Oosterloo and Joshua Oppor and Hengxing Pan and D. J. Pisano and Nandrianina Randriamiarinarivo and Swara Ravindranath and Anja C. Schroder and Rosalind E. Skelton and Oleg M. Smirnov and Mathew Smith and Rachel S. Somerville and Raghunathan Srianand and Lister Staveley-Smith and Masayuki Tanaka and Mattia Vaccari and Wim van Driel and Marc A. W. Verheijen and Fabian Walter and John F. Wu and Martin A. Zwaan},
In the local Universe, OH megamasers (OHMs) are detected almost exclusively in infrared-luminous galaxies, with a prevalence that increases with IR luminosity, suggesting that they trace gas-rich galaxy mergers. Given the proximity of the rest frequencies of OH and the hyperfine transition of neutral atomic hydrogen (H i ), radio surveys to probe the cosmic evolution of H i in galaxies also offer exciting prospects for exploiting OHMs to probe the cosmic history of gas-rich mergers. Using… 

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2016, in MeerKAT Science: On the Pathway to the SKA
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