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LA MÁS ASOMBROSA ARMA MODERNA DEL ARSENAL OCCIDENTAL. Militarización femenina en el mundo contemporáneo The most astoundingly modern weapon in the western arsenal. Female militarization in the contemporary world

  title={LA M{\'A}S ASOMBROSA ARMA MODERNA DEL ARSENAL OCCIDENTAL. Militarizaci{\'o}n femenina en el mundo contempor{\'a}neo The most astoundingly modern weapon in the western arsenal. Female militarization in the contemporary world},
  author={Pablo Costantini},
The strong increase of the female component in many armies, unusual in times of peace, the admission of women to combat specialties that in other times they only accede exceptionally, and the access to power positions that used to be unthinkable a few decades ago show us that in the last thirty years certain 
Caracterización del liderazgo femenino en ámbitos militares. Reflexiones a partir de las experiencias de las alféreces en su fase de mando
Resumen El artículo presenta los resultados de una investigación sobre el liderazgo que ejercen las alféreces en la Escuela Militar de Cadetes “General José María Córdova” (Bogotá, Colombia). Se
El quehacer de las mujeres oficiales del cuerpo logístico en el Ejército Nacional de Colombia
funciones y roles de estas mujeres oficiales. Finalmente, se describió el quehacer de las mujeres oficiales del cuerpo logístico con respecto a las oficiales del cuerpo administrativo de la misma


Abu Ghraib: Arguing against Exceptionalism
"Such dehumanization is unacceptable in any culture, but it is especially so in the Arab world. Homosexual acts are against Islamic law and it is humiliating for men to be naked in front of other
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Cook works in communications at North Carolina’s Fayetteville State University and has edited a previous book about a woman soldier in the Civil War; Blanton is a senior military archivist at the
Women and Military Institutions in Early Modern Europe: A Reconnaissance
  • B. Hacker
  • History, Economics
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1981
"Who were these women?" asked David Green upon finding in the 1704 Camp Reports at Blenheim orders that women march behind the English baggage train and be punished for counterfeiting.1 A rare
Mother of Atrocities: Pauline Nyiramasuhuko’s Role in the Rwandan Genocide
As Pauline Nyiramasuhuko stood trial before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the media seemed more focused on her gender than on the significance of her prosecution for crimes against
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Dædalus Winter 2007 Whether encountered in the mythos of the Madonna or in the image of the dutiful wife and obedient daughter, females have been regarded over the ages as having a special capacity
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The images from wars in the Middle East that haunt us are those of young women killing and torturing. Their media circulated stories share a sense of shock. They have both galvanized and confounded
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Key Points Fourth-generation warfare, which is now playing out in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a modern form of insurgency. Its practitioners seek to convince enemy political leaders that their strategic
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Abstract : In late 2005 the Wargaming Department of the Naval War College asked CNA to help it develop a new approach to wargaming, one that provides structured and disciplined techniques for
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When women carry out a suicide attack they undermine the idea of who and what a terrorist is. What is generally not realized is the extent to which women are involved in terrorism. The purpose of
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Revelations of the torture, murder, and maltreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq came with sensational photographs of U.S. military personnel torturing Iraqi prisoners and forcing them