L5178Y mouse lymphoma cell mutation assay results with 41 compounds.

  title={L5178Y mouse lymphoma cell mutation assay results with 41 compounds.},
  author={Brian C. Myhr and Douglas Mcgregor and Larry Bowers and Colin Riach and A. P. G. Brown and I W Edwards and Derek Mcbride and Raiza Martin and William J. Caspary},
  journal={Environmental and molecular mutagenesis},
  volume={16 Suppl 18},
Forty-one chemicals were tested for their abilities to induce trifluorothymidine resistance in L5178Y mouse lymphoma (MOLY) cells. These chemicals were included in the National Toxicology Program's evaluation of four in vitro short-term toxicity assays for predicting carcinogenicity in the rodent bioassay. Of the 41 chemicals examined for this report, 8 were equivocal in the rodent bioassay, and 7 were questionable in- the MOLY assay. If these chemicals are eliminated from an analysis of… CONTINUE READING

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