L1CAM: amending the “low-risk” category in endometrial carcinoma

  title={L1CAM: amending the “low-risk” category in endometrial carcinoma},
  author={Felix KF Kommoss and Friedrich Kommoss and Friederike Grevenkamp and A Bunz and Florin-Andrei Taran and Falko Fend and Sara Y Brucker and Diethelm Wallwiener and Birgitt Sch{\"o}nfisch and Karen F. Greif and Sigurd F. Lax and Annette Staebler and Stefan Kommoss},
  journal={Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology},
Low- and intermediate-risk endometrial carcinomas have an excellent prognosis. Nonetheless, a small subgroup of such patients will experience unexpected relapse. Recently L1CAM was suggested to be a strong prognosticator in endometrial carcinoma. The focus of our study was on low- and intermediate-risk disease, where no or only limited adjuvant treatment is recommended according to current guidelines. Endometrial carcinomas of low, intermediate and high-intermediate risk according to published… CONTINUE READING