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L-tyrosine potentiates the anorexia induced by mixed-acting sympathomimetic drugs in hyperphagic rats.

  title={L-tyrosine potentiates the anorexia induced by mixed-acting sympathomimetic drugs in hyperphagic rats.},
  author={Keith M. Hull and T J Maher},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={255 2},
  • K. Hull, T. Maher
  • Published 1 November 1990
  • Biology, Chemistry
  • The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
The effects of L-tyrosine (L-TYR) on the anorectic activity of several mixed-acting sympathomimetics were determined during the dark cycle in rats made hyperphagic by food deprivation. L-TYR (200 mg/kg) significantly potentiated the anorectic activity of phenylpropanolamine, (-)-ephedrine and (+)-amphetamine by 48, 50 and 37%, respectively. When the dose of L-TYR was varied (25-400 mg/kg), a significant dose-dependent relationship was noted. The observed potentiation was positively correlated… 
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