L-type glycogen synthase. Tissue distribution and electrophoretic mobility.

  title={L-type glycogen synthase. Tissue distribution and electrophoretic mobility.},
  author={Harvey R Kaslow and D D Lesikar and D Antwi and Agnes W. h. Tan},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={260 18},
We previously reported (Kaslow, H.R., and Lesikar, D.D.FEBS Lett. (1984) 172, 294-298) the generation of antisera against rat skeletal muscle glycogen synthase. Using immunoblot analysis, the antisera recognized the enzyme in crude extracts from rat skeletal muscle, heart, fat, kidney, and brain, but not liver. These results suggested that there are at least two isozymes of glycogen synthase, and that most tissues contain a form similar or identical to the skeletal muscle type, referred to as… CONTINUE READING


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