L-fuzzy sets

  title={L-fuzzy sets},
  author={Joseph A. Goguen},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
  • J. Goguen
  • Published 1 April 1967
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Analysis of Some Results on Fuzzy Continuous mapping

The study of fuzzy topological spaces with specific attention to the weaker forms of fuzzy continuity is devoted to generalizations of semi continuous mapping and almost Continuous mapping and weakly continuous mapping in fuzzy setting.

Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications to Artificial Intelligence

Fuzzy Sets: History and Basic Notions

This Chapter also contains a discussion on operational semantics of the generally too abstract notion of membership function and a survey of variants of fuzzy sets and related matters.

Boolean fuzzy sets

The Emergence of Fuzzy Sets: A Historical Perspective

This paper tries to suggest some reasons why fuzzy set theory came to life 50 years ago by pointing out the existence of streams of thought in the first half of the XXth century in logic, linguistics

A First View on the Alternatives of Fuzzy Set Theory.

This talk will focuss on several alternative theories and try to indicate their mutual relationships and their relationships to earlier existing mathematical models.

The impact of fuzzy set theory on contemporary mathematics [survey]

The shortcomings of classical binary logic and Cantor's set theory in order to handle imprecise and uncertain information are outlined and the basic notions of Zadeh's fuzzy set theory are introduced.

Normal Distribution Fuzzy Sets

In this paper, a method for expressing an intuitionistic fuzzy set by a series of normal distribution functions has been presented according to the investigation of vote model and the theory ofnormal distribution fuzzy sets is established.



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