L-chondrite asteroid breakup tied to Ordovician meteorite shower by multiple isochron 40Ar-39Ar dating

  title={L-chondrite asteroid breakup tied to Ordovician meteorite shower by multiple isochron 40Ar-39Ar dating},
  author={E. V. Korochantseva and M. Trieloff and C. A. Lorenz and A. I. Buykin and M. Ivanova and W. Schwarz and J. Hopp and E. Jessberger},
  journal={Meteoritics & Planetary Science},
  • E. V. Korochantseva, M. Trieloff, +5 authors E. Jessberger
  • Published 2007
  • Geology
  • Meteoritics & Planetary Science
  • Radiochronometry of L chondritic meteorites yields a rough age estimate for a major collision in the asteroid belt about 500 Myr ago. Fossil meteorites from Sweden indicate a highly increased influx of extraterrestrial matter in the Middle Ordovician ~480 Myr ago. An association with the L-chondrite parent body event was suggested, but a definite link is precluded by the lack of more precise radiometric ages. Suggested ages range between 450 ±  30 Myr and 520 ± 60 Myr, and can neither… CONTINUE READING
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