L-asparaginase from developing seeds of Lupinus arboreus.

  title={L-asparaginase from developing seeds of Lupinus arboreus.},
  author={Tony J. Lough and K S Chang and Alan Carne and Brian C Monk and Paul H. S. Reynolds and Kevin J. F. Farnden},
  volume={31 5},
Asparaginase (EC activity reached a maximum 40 days post anthesis in developing seeds of Lupinus arboreus and this correlated with the appearance of other ammonia assimilatory enzymes. Asparaginase, purified from these developing seeds, was resolved into three isoforms, designated asparaginases A, B and C. A major protein species in asparaginase A preparations co-focussed with enzyme activity on an isoelectric focussing gel. When analysed by SDS-PAGE, asparaginase isoforms A and B each… CONTINUE READING

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