Introduction The field of spintronics is related with the spin degree of freedom of the electrons. It is aimed at proposing, designing and developing electronic devices to harness spin phenomena. Spintronics relies on the direction of an electron’s rotation to convey data instead of electronic charges. Roughly speaking, an electron can be viewed as a tiny ball that spins like a baseball. The difference is that a baseball can spin at any speed, but an electron can only spin at a certain speed -either counterclockwise or cl Therefore, we can use one spin state to represent 'zero' and another to represent 'one.' Because a single electron can carry this information, this takes much less time and much less energy. One of the important theories in this field is Spin Coulomb Drag (SCD). It is well established [1, 2, 3 ] that the Coulomb interaction induces momentum transfer between the carrier population of “up” and “down” spins. This results in a Spin Coulomb Drag effect within a single two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) layer. This is analogous to the conventional Charge Coulomb Drag, which occurs between spatially separated layers.

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