L Morphisms: Bounded Delay and Regularity of Ambiguity

  title={L Morphisms: Bounded Delay and Regularity of Ambiguity},
  author={Juha Honkala and Arto Salomaa},
We present characterization and decidability results concerning bounded delay of L codes. It is also shown that, for L morphisms (morphisms applied in the “L way”), the sets causing ambiguities are in most cases effectively regular. The results are closely linked with some fundamental issues (bounded delay, elementary morphisms, Defect Theorem) in the theory of codes and combinatorics of words in general. 
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  • J. Honkala
  • Computer Science
    RAIRO Theor. Informatics Appl.
  • 1986
It is shown that it is decidable whether or not a k-recognizable set is recognizable and that the set defined by a number System is recognizable.