L-Lysine production by exponential feeding of L-threonine.


The effect of L-threonine feeding in the production phase on L-lysine production by Brevibacterium flavum, which requires L-homoserine or L-threonine for cell growth, was investigated considering the concerted inhibition by L-threonine plus L-lysine, and the metabolism related to lysine production. Exponential feeding of L-threonine increased L-lysine… (More)


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@article{Tada2000LLysinePB, title={L-Lysine production by exponential feeding of L-threonine.}, author={K. Tada and Mitsuo Kishimoto and Takeshi Omasa and Yuusuke Katakura and K. Suga}, journal={Journal of bioscience and bioengineering}, year={2000}, volume={90 6}, pages={669-74} }