L’impact du regret et de la réjouissance sur l’allocation d’actifs risqués

  title={L’impact du regret et de la r{\'e}jouissance sur l’allocation d’actifs risqu{\'e}s},
  author={Franck Bien and Thomas Lanzi},
  • Franck Bien, Thomas Lanzi
  • Published 2018
  • Economics
  • In this article, we propose to analyze the impact of regret and rejoicing on the allocation of risky assets. Regret and rejoicing are two emotions that are defined by comparing the result of an action retained by an agent with respect to the result that he could have obtained from an alternative action. We show that the choice of the alternative action impacts the allocation of risky assets. When it is defined in relation to the ex post maximum expected result, the agent only receives regret… CONTINUE READING

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