L’évolution du rôle de l’État dans les États du groupe de Višegrad : de l’ère moderne à l’ère postmoderne

  title={L’{\'e}volution du r{\^o}le de l’{\'E}tat dans les {\'E}tats du groupe de Vi{\vs}egrad : de l’{\`e}re moderne {\`a} l’{\`e}re postmoderne},
  author={Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Delaneuville},
EnglishThe state trajectories of the Visegrad countries have a number of similarities. Their historical inclusion in the great empires of Central Europe, their convergence towards the model of the nation-state and then the contemporary adjustments of its role in the era of globalization make it possible to explain the particular relationship they have with the notion of sovereignty. A socio-historical analysis of the evolution of the role of the state in the Visegrad countries explains their… CONTINUE READING