Lévi-Strauss and Beyond (review)

  title={L{\'e}vi-Strauss and Beyond (review)},
  author={David C. Berliner},
  journal={Anthropological Quarterly},
  pages={679 - 689}
  • D. Berliner
  • Published 1 July 2010
  • Art
  • Anthropological Quarterly
Levi-Strauss and Beyond. A presentation of Philippe Descola, Par-dela Nature et Culture [Beyond Nature and Culture], Paris, Gallimard, 2005. "Is there a French anthropology today?" The question might seem arrogant to many, but it was addressed to me in 2003 during an AAA (American Anthropological Association) meeting in Washington, DC when an American friend and colleague questioned me about contemporary French anthropology. Although a Francophone Belgian, and not French, I found myself deeply… 

Purity and Power: Anthropology From Colonialism to the Global Hierarchy of Value

These four books focalize the links between sociocultural anthropology and the national or cultural identities of its theoreticians and empirical practitioners. Historically caught between the forces



One Discipline, Four Ways: British, German, French, and American Anthropology

One Discipline, Four Ways offers the first book-length introduction to the history of each of the four major traditions in anthropology - British, German, French, and American. The result of lectures

Writing against Culture

Writing Culture (Clifford and Marcus 1986), the collection that marked a major new form of critique of cultural anthropology's premises, more or less excluded two critical groups whose situations

French Theory: How Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, & Co. Transformed the Intellectual Life of the United States

Citation Ferng, Jennifer. “French Theory: How Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, & Co. Transformed the Intellectual Life of the United States by François Cusset, translated by Jeff Fort, with Josephine

Politics of Nature: How to Bring the Sciences into Democracy

Politics of Nature: How to Bring the Sciences into Democracy. By Bruno Latour. Translated by Catherine Porter. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2004; pp. x + 307. $55.00 cloth; $24.95 paper.

Will non‐humans be saved? An argument in ecotheology*

The growing interest in ecology has had the unexpected effect of granting new relevance to a theology interested not so much in the salvation of humans as in the salvation of the whole creation –

The Spears of Twilight: Life and Death in the Amazon Jungle

The Jivaro tribe, or Achuar, as they prefer to be known, have survived in isolation in the Amazonian jungle by headhunting. They have preserved a tribal life which resembles that of our

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Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought

The first classic of 21st-century anthropology."--John Tooby and Leda Cosmides, University of California, Santa Barbara. Many of our questions about religion, says renowned anthropologist Pascal

Politics of Nature: How to Bring the Sciences into Democracy

Introduction: What Is to Be Done with Political Ecology? 1. Why Political Ecology Has to Let Go of Nature First, Get Out of the Cave Ecological Crisis or Crisis of Objectivity? The End of Nature The

The debated mind : evolutionary psychology versus ethnography

This book uniquely pitches the arguments for innatism against ethnographic perspectives that call into question the theoretical foundations of orthodox evolutionary biology and cognitive science.