L'attività riflessiva dell'amatore: Un approccio pragmatico al gusto

  title={L'attivit{\`a} riflessiva dell'amatore: Un approccio pragmatico al gusto},
  author={Antoine Hennion and Geneviève Teil},
  • Antoine Hennion, Geneviève Teil
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology
  • The paper offers a perspective on taste which tries to overcome what is now the hegemonic view within the social sciences and which conceives of taste as social distinction or differentiation. It ultimately aims to show the limits of a detached and ascetic reading of taste wherein objects loose their specificity and merely become an excuse for the reproduction of standardized forms of social distinction. To do so it concentrates on the case of wine, focussing on the way the amateur develops his… CONTINUE READING

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