L'E.E.G. pré-opératoire dans les anévrysmes cérébraux rompus. Intérêt de la compression carotidienne et du test d'hypotension controlée

  title={L'E.E.G. pr{\'e}-op{\'e}ratoire dans les an{\'e}vrysmes c{\'e}r{\'e}braux rompus. Int{\'e}r{\^e}t de la compression carotidienne et du test d'hypotension control{\'e}e},
  author={Louis Arbus and Yves Lazorthes and Louis Campan and P. Rouquie and Ch. Grezes Rueff},
Summary In 45 cases of ruptured intra-cranial aneurysms the authors studied the standard E.E.G. data under carotid compression and controlled hypotension ; the changes observed were analysed and their value assessed for judging the state of the patient's cerebral circulation. A normal resting E.E.G. carries a good prognosis. Carotid compression and controlled hypotension provide a useful assessment of the supply and elasticity of the cerebral vessels ; the occurrence of slow waves during… CONTINUE READING

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