Kurt Lewin and the First Attempts to Establish a Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University

  title={Kurt Lewin and the First Attempts to Establish a Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University},
  author={David Bargal},

The Origins of Lewin’s Three-Step Model of Change

At the time of his death in 1947, Kurt Lewin was seen as one of the foremost psychologists of his day. He is now best known for his three-step model of change. However, this has been criticized for

Making behavioral science integral to climate science and action

Abstract The behavioral sciences were there at the beginning of the systematic study of climate change. However, in the ensuing quarter century, they largely faded from view, during which time public

Rethinking Generalization with Kurt Lewin and Action Research

  • M. Dege
  • Psychology
    Subjectivity and Knowledge
  • 2019
Kurt Lewin is one of the most well-known psychologists in history. He is the founder of topological psychology, closely related to the Gestalt psychologists, and the originator of the Action Research

Enzo Joseph Bonaventura’s La psicoanalisi: The importance of his thinking, history of a repression

Enzo Joseph Bonaventura (1891-1948) was one of the most authoritative figures of experimental psychology in Italy between the two World Wars. Bonaventura was also a pioneer of the Italian

History of Action Research in Education

  • C. Hendricks
  • Education
    The Wiley Handbook of Action Research in Education
  • 2019

The American Soldier in Jerusalem: How Social Science and Social Scientists Travel

The dissertation asks how social science and its tools—especially those associated with the precise measurement of attitudes, motivations and preferences—became a pervasive way of knowing about and

Methode zur Berücksichtigung von Persönlichkeitseigenschaften

Kurzfassung Dieser Fachartikel befasst sich mit der Einführung von neuen Prozessen und Methoden in bestehende Entwicklungsprozesse von Unternehmen des Maschinen- und Anlagenbaus. Es wird eine Methode

Kurt Lewin's Field Theory: A Review and Re‐Evaluation

Field theory was central to Kurt Lewin's work yet, after his death, interest in it declined significantly until the 1990s when a variant, force field analysis, became widely used. This paper examines


Enzo Bonaventura (Pisa, 1891 – Jerusalem, 1948) was an eminent figure in the development of scientific psychology in Italy before Second World War. Born to a Jewish family (the father was a

To Be an American: Immigration, Hyphenation, and Incorporation

Central to many immigration debates in the United States, past and present, are questions about what it means to be an American. In this article, I address three forms of this question: (a) What is