Kuroshio Current

  title={Kuroshio Current},
  journal={Geophysical Monograph Series},
  • Published 10 April 2019
  • Geophysical Monograph Series

Assessing Hydrokinetic Energy in the Mexican Caribbean: A Case Study in the Cozumel Channel

This paper presents a techno-economic assessment of hydrokinetic energy of Cozumel Island, where ocean currents have been detected, but tourist activities are paramount. The main objective of this

Assessment by microsatellite analysis of genetic diversity and population structure of Enhalus acoroides from the coast of Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam

Seagrass beds degraded significantly since the last century on both, global and local scale. The seagrass species Enhalus acoroides (Linnaeus f.) Royle is a common species found in almost all marine

Riding the Kuroshio Current: Stepping stone dispersal of the Okinawa tree lizard across the East Asian Island Arc

This study investigates the historical biogeography of the Okinawa tree lizard (Japalura polygonata), one of the few widely‐distributed reptiles across this archipelago, and develops a temporal framework for diversification in this focal taxon, consistent with the known age of these islands.

Rafting on floating fruit is effective for oceanic dispersal of flightless weevils

This study provides the first empirical evidence that P. jitanasaius larvae can survive ‘rafting’ on ocean currents and that the eggs and larvae of these weevils have the highest probability of crossing the oceanic barrier.

The use of citizen science in fish eDNA metabarcoding for evaluating regional biodiversity in a coastal marine region: A pilot study

To test the feasibility of a citizen science program for fish eDNA metabarcoding in coastal marine environments, we recruited six groups of voluntary citizens for a science education course at a

Effects of the Coastal Uplift on the Kuroshio Ecosystem, Eastern Taiwan, the Western Boundary Current of the North Pacific Ocean

The Kuroshio is the western boundary current of the North Pacific Ocean. In the subtropical region of eastern Taiwan, a coastal uplift of the isotherms has occurred. To explore its impact on this

Trophic Dynamics and Feeding Ecology of Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) off Eastern and Western Taiwan

The skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) is a mesopredator fish species with seasonal abundance in waters off Taiwan. Regional ecological and life-history information has been historically lacking for

A Combination of Spatial Domain Filters to Detect Surface Ocean Current from Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data

This research investigates the applicability of combining spatial filter’s algorithm to extract surface ocean current. Accordingly, the raster filters were tested on 80–13,505 daily images to detect

Vertical Nitrate Flux Induced by Kelvin–Helmholtz Billows Over a Seamount in the Kuroshio

Kelvin–Helmholtz (KH) billows can facilitate microscale turbulent mixing around seamounts in the Kuroshio. This study sought to describe the influence of billow intensity (i.e., “intermittent and