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Kurdish Culture and Identity

  title={Kurdish Culture and Identity},
  author={G. Kreyenbroek and Christine Allison},
List of Contributors Introduction - Philip G. Kreyenbroek and Christine Allison 1. The Kurds: Current Position and Historical Background - Kendal Nezan 2. Kurdish Written Literature - Joyce Blau 3. Old and New Oral Traditions in Badinan - Christine Allison 4. The Creation of Kurdish Media Culture - Amir Hassanpour 5. Religion and Religions in Kurdistan - Philip G. Kreyenbroek 6. Faith, Ritual and Culture among the Ahl-e Haqq - Ziba Mir-Hosseini 7. Kurdish Costume: Regional Diversity and… 
Construction of the Kurdish Self in Turkey through Humorous Popular Culture
Although there has been some relaxation in attitudes towards Kurdish ethnicity in Turkey, established discourses still tend to either make Kurds invisible by emphasising the homogeneity of the
Dismantling Kurdish Texts: An Orientalist Approach
This article presents some critical results of a study on Kurdish texts written by the Western writers. The main aim of the article is to explore how the Kurds have been represented in these texts or
The Kurdish Nationalist Movement: Opportunity, Mobilization and Identity
David Romano's 2006 book focuses on the Kurdish case to try and make sense of ethnic nationalist resurgence generally. In a world rent by a growing number of such conflicts, the questions posed about
The Kurds and Kurdistan: A Commentary
he Kurds have been one of the most mistreated and neglected groups in the 20th and 21st centuries. Carl Dahlman’s paper (Dahlman, 2002) gives us an excellent overview of the plight of the Kurds and
Where is Home? Re-Visioning “Kurdistan” And “Diaspora” in Kurdish Novelistic Discourse in Sweden
Abstract Employing textual and contextual analysis of three Kurdish novels, the aim of this article is to understand the way Kurdish characters have experienced their “home-land” through tracing the
Identity, language, and new media: the Kurdish case
This paper draws on theories that describe interrelationships between identity, language and the media to investigate how the Kurds utilise two forms of electronic media—satellite television and the
The Political Economy of the Kurds of Turkey: From the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic
Kurdish ancestry, ethno-genesis, native land and language are matters of persistent scholarly debate. Different theories exist concerning the ancestry of the Kurds. Certain scholars claim that they
Politics of place/space: The spatial dynamics of the Kurdish and Zapatista movements
Abstract This paper explores two examples of collective action, the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico, and the Kurdish movement in Turkey, by focusing on how these movements constructed two
Changes conceptions of women's public space in the Kurdish city
Due to some ambiguities in defining the domain of public space in traditional Islamic cities and gaps in the knowledge related to the Kurdish cities, this paper examines the conception of the public
Kurdish Music-Making in Istanbul: Music, Sentiment and Ideology in a Changing Urban Context
This thesis is an ethnographic study of Kurdish political music at three cultural centers in Istanbul, Turkey. Activists at these cultural centers engage in musical activities that perform the