• Psychology
  • Published 2014

Kunskapsbaserad socialtjänst. Att utvärdera behandlingsinsatser för barn, unga, och deras familjer

  title={Kunskapsbaserad socialtj{\"a}nst. Att utv{\"a}rdera behandlingsinsatser f{\"o}r barn, unga, och deras familjer},
  author={Magdalena Wold},
Good quality is required in the Social service´s care for children, adolescents and their families. However there are few efficacy studies supporting existing treatment methods. Also there is a lack of knowledge about the method of treatment, its effect, and how to assess results.My purpose has been to learn more about how to evaluate treatment methods in the social service´s care for the target group using alternatives to RCT-studies. For that purpose I have used an evaluation model for… CONTINUE READING