Kung Fu Hustle: Transnational production and the global Chinese-language film

  title={Kung Fu Hustle: Transnational production and the global Chinese-language film},
  author={Christina Klein},
  journal={Journal of Chinese Cinemas},
  pages={189 - 208}
Abstract In recent years a number of Chinese-language films have successfully gone global, appealing to large audiences in Asia and the West and generating Hollywood-level box-office receipts. Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle (2004) is an exemplary and unique instance of this development. It is also an exemplary work of transnational cinema, one that allows us to see the strategic enmeshment of the Hong Kong, Chinese and Hollywood film industries. This article explores Kung Fu Hustle's… 

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  • Y. Zhou
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Media Economics
  • 2022
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[A l'origine dans / Was originally part of : Theses et memoires - FAS - Departement de litterature comparee]

The Evolution of Hong Kong Crime/Thriller/Drama Action Cinema in the 21st Century

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