Kulturális összeolvadás a „középavar korban”. A Vác-Kavicsbányai temető

  title={Kultur{\'a}lis {\"o}sszeolvad{\'a}s a „k{\"o}z{\'e}pavar korban”. A V{\'a}c-Kavicsb{\'a}nyai temető},
  author={Gergely Szenthe},
The cemetery at Vac-Kavicsbanya was used by two communities characterised by differing material cultures and cultural contacts from the mid-7th century onward. The later phase of the cemetery’s use attests to a process of cultural blending. The archaeological record enables the reconstruction of how the earlier local community lost its identity and of the process leading to the emergence of the new, Late Avar culture. | A Vac-kavicsbanyai temetőt a 7. szazad kozepetől ket, kulonboző targyi… CONTINUE READING