Kuiper Belt Dust Grains as a Source of Interplanetary Dust Particles

  title={Kuiper Belt Dust Grains as a Source of Interplanetary Dust Particles},
  author={J. Liou and H. Zook and S. Dermott},
  • J. Liou, H. Zook, S. Dermott
  • Published 1996
  • Physics
  • Icarus
  • Abstract The recent discovery of the so-called Kuiper belt objects has prompted the idea that these objects produce dust grains that may contribute significantly to the interplanetary dust population. In this paper, the orbital evolution of dust grains, of diameters 1 to 9 μm, that originate in the region of the Kuiper belt is studied by means of direct numerical integration. Gravitational forces of the Sun and planets, solar radiation pressure, as well as Poynting–Robertson drag and solar wind… CONTINUE READING
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