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Kuhn Poker with Cheating and Its Detection

  title={Kuhn Poker with Cheating and Its Detection},
  author={Amanda Metzner and Daniel Zwillinger},
Poker is a multiplayer game of imperfect information and has been widely studied in game theory. Many popular variants of poker (e.g., Texas Hold'em and Omaha) at the edge of modern game theory research are large games. However, even toy poker games, such as Kuhn poker, can pose new challenges. Many Kuhn poker variants have been investigated: varying the number of players, initial pot size, and number of betting rounds. In this paper we analyze a new variant -- Kuhn poker with cheating and… 



Equilibrium solutions of three player Kuhn poker with N>3 cards: A new numerical method using regularization and arc-length continuation

It is found that there is a new type of equilibrium bet with midrange cards that acts as a bluff against one player and a value bet against the other in three player Kuhn poker.

Game theory.

  • M. Dufwenberg
  • Psychology
    Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Cognitive science
  • 2011
The nature of game-theoretic analysis, the history of game theory,Why game theory is useful for understanding human psychology, and why game theory has played a key role in the recent explosion of interest in the field of behavioral economics are discussed.

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