Kuhn Orders Camps to Open ' Without Delay '

  • Soviet ideologist Mikhail A, Votts
  • Published 2009


NEW YORK (AP) Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn ordered major league spring training camps to "get underway without further delay" after the players union's executive board declined to take action Wednesday on the owners' "final" contract offer. The executive board of the Major League Baseball Players Association, meeting in Tampa, Florida, also had urged the opening of spring training camps and the reopening of stalemated negotiations with the owners. " Because I think it is now vital that spring training get under way without further delay, 1 have directed that all camps be opened at the earliest possible time," Kuhn said. "While nobody is more disappointed than I that we do not have solid progress to a final agreement, the fans are the most important people around and their interests now become paramount. Opening the camps and starting the season on time is what they want." Kuhn had said last week, under his authority as guardian of the best interest of baseball, that he could step in and order the camps opened. At that time, he said he would intervene if there was no progress. However, this week, while in Florida, site of previous negotiation sessions, Kuhn said he would step in if he saw progress and the camps still remained closed. The owners had announced on February 23 that the camps would be closed indefinitely until there was a new labor contract or sufficient progress toward reaching a new

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